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Hi, my name's Demelza and I'm The Curious Walker or as my daughter likes to call me a house stalker!! You won't find me hiding in your garden waiting for it to get dark but you may find me wandering past your house admiring grand chimneys, beautiful stained glass windows or detailed verandas. I have been fascinated with architecture, historic homes and local history ever since my Mum showed me Lois Galers Houses and Homes in the early 80s. I spent much of my time as a young teen walking and exploring, looking for interesting homes and buildings. Not much has changed as an adult except now my kids have joined me and I now have the opportunity to share my adventures with you all.


About The Blog

I discovered Intriguing Dunedin Street Walks by Paul Hayward totally by accident 2 years ago at the Regent 24 hour book sale. I was looking to replace my very worn Lois Galer books and found in amongst them a bright yellow book with the words intriguing and walks on the front, sounded perfect for me!! I was not disappointed, I collected all 7 books and read them avidly. I have challenged myself to complete all 31 walks and decided to share my experience as a blog. I hope this encourages other people to get out walking, discovering beautiful and interesting homes and intriguing history around Dunedin. 


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